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The experience of the SRS team builds the clients confidence in the Company, and it is this experience that allows SRS to have made a mark in the industry. Our teams are the backbone of the business and we have picked the best of the lot to be able to provide our clients with the best possible services.

We Create Opportunities for Candidates & Businesses

Strategic Recruiting Suriname N.V. (SRS) is a family.
The team strongly believes in the vision of the Company and has aligned its personal goals with the goals of the Company. The employees live and breathe the core values outlined by the Company, and this sets us apart from everyone else.

The recruitment and hiring processes are governed by the equal opportunity hiring and other local labor laws. The main aim of the team is to provide the best possible service and HR solutions to its clients. The SRS team is made up of HR and Labour Law professionals, who are specialists of their fields. The Company’s success is dependent on the team work of its employees, as they help stream line the operations and processes.

Meet our Team

Semanthe Gits MD
Chief Executive Officer

Nationality – Surinamese

Semanthe Gits MD is a Medical Doctor with a proven track record in entrepreneurship and business development. She is the co-founder of the Humus group of companies as well as of Strategic Recruitment Suriname N.V.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Development
  • Critical Care
  • Human Resource Management

Kerri Gravesande-Bart
HR Advisory Board Member

Nationality – Guyanese

Pursued studies in Business Management with Cambridge International University and the Association of Business Executives. She holds Standard & Advanced Diploma with Credits in Communications and Merits in Human Resources.

  • Offshore Personnel Management
  • Training and Competence Management for Offshore Personnel
  • In-transit & Landing Operations for Offshore vessels
  • HR & Local Content Strategy Development/Implementation and Execution

Demis Johnn
chief operations officer

Nationality – Surinamese

Holds a BSc in Environmental Management and an MBA from Business School Netherlands. He also pursued studies in Project Management and entrepreneurship.

  • Strategic Management
  • Country strategy development for oil and gas businesses
  • International Project Management
  • Environmental and General management consulting

Kimberley Daniel
head recruiter

Nationality – Surinamese

Kimberley Daniel started studying Law at the Anton de Kom University (ADEK) but moved on to specializing in Human Resource Management

  • Administration and Office Management
  • Project Management
  • Financial Administration
  • Sales
  • Insurances
  • Sales

Ziff Johnn
Health, safety and environment officer


Dr. J. F. Nassylaan #2 Paramaribo, Suriname

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