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The One Stop Shop for Recruiters and Candidates

The One Stop Shop for Recruiters and Candidates
Formed in 2021, Strategic Recruitment Suriname N.V. set out to become Suriname’s largest Human Resources Solution company. Our platform is accessible globally to job seekers and recruiters alike. Our company is known for its ethical core processes and our consistency sets us apart from our competitors. We strongly believe in professionalism, transparency, inclusivity, and efficiency while running our operations—due to which we have a large footprint in Suriname.

Our aim is to give the limitless talent of Suriname, a framework which would help them connect with recruiters not only locally but also globally. The candidates are provided with a detailed description of the vacancies available in the industry, so they can apply for jobs that best suit their professional potential.

Our company has helped transform the long-standing ways of hiring and recruiting individuals in Suriname by shaping, shortening and automating the human resource management processes. Our portal is perfect for the latest tech savvy businesses to reach their desired results in the shortest and most cost-effective way possible.

Strategic Recruitment Suriname N.V. is a joint venture between Humus Consulting (Suriname).  And Strategic Recruitment Solutions Inc. (Guyana).

Our Services

Temporary, Contract and Interim Recruitment Services:

Whether a client requires skilled or unskilled labor, specialized or general candidates - our services are designed to cater to all needs. We assist recruiting contractors and temporary candidates by providing flexible and specialist offers. Our approach guarantees productivity from day one. We ensure budget certainty by outlining the overall cost and timeframe from the outset.

Permanent and Fixed Term Selection Recruitment Services:

Our specialist recruitment team takes pride in delivering the best services to all clients, while placing candidates within permanent or fixed term contract positions. We specialize in assisting clients in both managing and completing the recruitment process in a timely and efficient manner, so that they may source high caliber candidates in a competitive market.

Retained and Executive Recruitment Services:

We aim to provide our services to our clients when the need arises. Maintaining high standards of confidentiality among our clients while doing so. To ensure our high-performance candidates are retained in a competitive market, we provide extended services and ensure commitment from both parties by setting up and furthering contractual agreements beforehand.

Salary Surveys
and Market Information:

To ensure that our clients are aware of what competitors’ salary and compensation packages do in the market, we provide up-to-date and relevant market data for client needs. This market information is derived from reliable and statistical sources. We also offer an extended service to fully customize the surveys and market data to fulfill specific client needs.

Career and Employee Management Services:

In order to see our clients’ businesses follow through successfully, we provide the administrative services of managing their employees. This to allow our clients to focus their energy and time on their business’s growth potential. We provide value addition in terms of time, cost and delivery by eliminating complexities within the process and maximizing employee retention.


Another service we offer is to deliver client payroll solutions, which are mapped according to the client’s footprint, under a single master service agreement. Our advanced gross-to-net services reduce the need for third-party involvement in payroll processing. This in turn allows us to deliver a leaner and more comprehensive approach to managing payrolls from beginning to end

Ship Chandlery and Catering Services:

Based on our customized solutions, we also cater to our client’s ship chandlery and sea catering needs effectively. This allows us to reduce every ship owner’s and manager’s budgetary risks, their inventory bound capital costs, as well as, administration overheads. We rely on the best professionals and provider companies in order to ensure this service for any onboard needs.

Country and Market Entry Services:

Our team is specialized in corporate law and Suriname's immigration law. This allows us to provide professional immigration advice to onshore and offshore applicants and assist with temporary and permanent residency visa applications. Additionally, our market entry services team provides strategic advisory research and support, to assist applicants in entering the market.


Dr. J. F. Nassylaan #2 Paramaribo, Suriname

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