How To Choose The Perfect Job

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July 21, 2021
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When you have to do something for 8+ hours a day, you make sure it is something that you are either really good at, or it pays really well. In both cases, it has to be something you can actually do because just ‘winging’ an entire career is undoable (at least in real life).

It is said that if you ‘do what you love then you will never work another day in your life’ and the only way to do that is to know what you love and know how to do it well. There are certain tips and tricks to pave way onto you dream job.

Fortunately we are here to help you sort through the secrets of finding out what is the perfect job for you.

1. Decide What And Who You Want To Be

While choosing a job or a career, it is always important to really know who you are and what kind of person you are. Are you someone who can argue a case well? Are you someone who can stitch up an open wound? Are you someone who cares about human rights? Sit and think this through. Decide, meditate and really give it a thorough study. Discuss with friends and parents about what you think you should go for and why. This is your entire life you are planning. You must be 100% sure.

2. Play To Your Strengths

In order to really excel at what you do, you must first know what you are doing and how to do it in a way that no one else can. People who are good at writing, will manipulate words and expressive phrases in such a way that a mere description will get you an idea of what is in the writers mind. Every person has a set of skills that they have honed and mastered over time through activities and experiences. Painters have been practicing their entire lives on coloring books and the walls of their childhood homes. It is important to always go for your strong side and you can build it into a career.

3. Gain Some Experience

We have a clear idea of what our strengths are but sometimes what we ‘think’ is our strength and what our actual strong points are, are complete opposites. So it’s always a good idea to gain some experience in the relevant field you want to pursue. Get an internship or volunteer at places to get a perspective of how things work and what part of ‘you’ need further pruning to fit into the role you want to pursue. For expectant doctors, it is always a good idea to volunteer or intern in hospitals or clinics to see how you feel about blood, and helping people.

4. Know The Future Prospects Of Your Job Choice

Whatever you decide in the end, it should have a strong enough foundation that it can sustain you for the rest of your working life. The perfect job means long term. For example, deciding to be a YouTuber is not the smartest decision as it is a short-term goal and has a very short life. You will be left hungry and looking for a job at a time when everyone else has substantially excelled. Make a smart decision while putting everything in perspective.

5. Don’t Let You Job Run Your Life

In the end, a job is a job after all and not your entire life. Know your strengths, know your personality and what you can or can’t do. But always prioritize your family and life, over a job. A job will feed your body yes but a family and social life will feed your soul. A balanced life is important for a healthy life.


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